NorthConnect Interim Public Communication Plan


Landscape Design and Mangement

Fourfields: Stage 1 & 2  Ground Investegation Interpretative Report


Planning Application to Aberdeenshire Council

Press release: Planning Application to Aberdeenshire Council 


NorthConnect ES Volume 1 - Non-Technical Summary 

NorthConnect ES Volume 2 Main Document

NorthConnect ES Volume 3 - Appendices

NorthConnect ES Volume 4 - Drawings-part 1

NorthConnect ES Volume 4 - Drawings-part 2

NorthConnect ES Volume 4 - Drawings-Part 3



Files from Community Information Day Thursday 26th February

What is North Connect?

Project drivers

Project descriptions

Planning applications

Converter Station

HVAC Buried Cable


What will it look like?




Cultural heritage and archaeology


Older downloads

Community Information Day Programme

Consultation on the Scottish Converter Station brochure (English)


Converter Station and AC Line Scoping Report

Concession Application Norway, part A (Norwegian)

Concession Application Norway, part B (Norwegian EIA)


Presentation Public Meeting Samnanger, September 2012 (Norwegian)

Presentation Public Meeting Eidfjord (Sima), September 2012 (Norwegian)

Scope of work EIA Norway (Norwegian)

Notification (Norwegian)


Aberdeenshire Council scoping response

Proposal of Application Notice NC signed

2014 11 28 NorthConnect PER REP Public Consultation Plan V1

2014 11 28 NorthConnect PER REP Public Consultation Plan V2